GOC was founded in Vigo (Spain) in 1986 as a company dedicated to technical assistance and quality control in the construction of buildings and infrastructures. The permanent creation of more added value for our customers is the idea that has always driven our development. To this end, we strive to improve the overall knowledge of the organization, both by training our personnel and by attracting talent.

We are a versatile company, able to offer a wide variety of services in a comprehensive manner in almost all fields of activity: from airports to railroads, from roads to the environment, from hospitals to buildings for all types of uses. We adapt to the customer’s needs, positioning ourselves as partners instead of being mere suppliers.


1986: GOC, S.A. is founded

With the mission to be leaders in quality control

1996: Certification

First engineering company to obtain the ISO 9000 Quality Certificate.

2004: Internationalization

Opening of GOC's first office outside Europe

2019: Expansion

GOC expands in Central and South America

2021: Consolidation

We consolidate our position as Quality Engineering at national and international level.


We provide our clients with the confidence of obtaining a service that meets their needs under standards of quality and innovation, while fostering an environment of human development within a framework of leadership and sustainable growth. This is why GOC’s business strategy is aligned with the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.


We aspire to be leaders in the sector by offering quality, innovative and technological engineering, seeking a 360º commitment with clients, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, taking care of the client’s needs and driving the growth of emerging markets through their international development, in line with the objective of contributing to economic, technological and social progress.



Commitment to continuous improvement

Responsible leadership

Environmental friendliness

Continuous training

Technological innovation

Compliance with current legislation

Customer satisfaction

Ethics in the performance of our work

Social responsibility


Quality, our raison d'être, 35 years at the service of society

Paloma Gonzalez-Novo PérezAdministradora Única