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♻ Sustainability and energy efficiency in hospital design and facility engineering is a growing trend in the healthcare sector. Hospitals are large consumers of energy and resources and generate a large amount of waste, so sustainable design can help reduce operating costs and improve the environmental and quality of life for patients and staff.

At GOC we design facilities with the integration of energy efficiency technologies: renewable energies and maximizing the efficiency of lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water and waste management systems, minimizing the environmental impact of hospital operations.

We would like to highlight GOC’s participation in the design of the Fraternidad- Muprespa Habana Hospital, the first and only hospital in Europe to achieve LEED Platinum Certification and which also has an A energy rating.

A continuación, os dejamos algunos de los proyectos en los que hemos participado, tanto en el diseño como en la realización de auditorías de eficiencia energética ?